Volume 28, No. 8 - August 2011

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Linda S. Hampton, President
Lela Odom, Executive Director
Dr. Dottie Hager, Assoc. Exec. Dir.

Doug Folks, Editor
Contributing Writers:
Marty Bull
Ashley Knuckles
Kandis West
Maureen Peters, Center Assistant

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In This Issue...

 How Will Common Core Change Your Classroom?
Under the newly-established Common Core State Standards, students will be taught and tested differently in an effort to better prepare them for a workplace which requires higher-order thinking skills.

 OEA Professional Development Will
Prepare Faculty
for Common Core

The Teaching and Learning Center of the Oklahoma
Education Association offers
proven, research-based professional
development to assist teachers in
reaching exemplary practices.

Putnam City ACT Creates Political Action Cadre
Putnam City ACT President Eric Winkle has found
a way to combat political apathy in the district while getting more
members involved in the conversation.

ESPs Find Security
in Local Membership

From the bus stop to the school site, Education Support
Professionals provide
essential services to Oklahoma’s
schools and children.
What You Post and Tweet Can Come Back to Haunt You
Ah, the joys of social media.
We now live in an age where any thought, feeling,
experience, sight or sound can immediately
be transmitted and shared with the entire virtual planet – instantly.

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