Volume 29, No. 1 - October/November 2011

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Linda S. Hampton, President
Alicia Priest, Vice President
Lela Odom, Executive Director
Dr. Dottie Hager, Assoc. Exec. Dir.

Doug Folks, Editor
Contributing Writers:
Marty Bull
Ashley Knuckles
Kandis West
Maureen Peters, Center Assistant

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Changing the conversation
OEA’s Stand Up For Public Education campaign is designed to change the conversation about education. Members, students and school patrons are encouraged to share public education success stories and make sure everyone knows the great things that are happening in our classrooms.

Making Global Contacts
Tulsa’s David Gould really expanded his contact list over the summer when he attended the World Congress of Education International (EI) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Embracing Social Media 
Techers and local associations are finding social media platforms to be dynamic methods for communicating with members and students.

Legislators Invited Back to School
Rep. Donnie Condit spend a long day in McAlester Public Schools as part of OEA's G.L.E.E Week, Giving Legislators an Educational Experience week.

A Solution to the Inclusion Delusion
Associate General Counsel Heath Merchen says a multi-age classroom could help special education, gifted and regular ed students.

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