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Organizations Outline $906 Million in Funding Sources to Fund Education and Provide Raises for State Employees

by Doug Folks on 23-Mar-18 17:59
The OEA, AFT and OPEA have outlined a funding road map for the legislature to properly fund education and core state services.

Speaker's Plan is No Plan at All

by Doug Folks on 15-Mar-18 17:56
Pres. Alicia Priest responds to Speaker McCall's press conference held late today, March 15.

Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for School Closures

by Doug Folks on 05-Mar-18 14:10
Nearly 80 percent of respondents of an online survey by the Oklahoma Education Association said they would support school closures to force the legislature to act on increased investments in schools, including a teacher pay increase.

Fallin's Message Hits the Mark

by Doug Folks on 05-Feb-18 15:27
Fallin endorses the Step Up plan during her final State of the State address and we agree. The revenue raising measures of the plan will strengthen Oklahoma.

92 Percent of All Likely Voters Give Oklahoma Lawmakers Lousy Marks for Education Funding in New Poll

by Doug Folks on 10-Jan-18 10:47
According to a new OEA poll, voters say legislators and the governor are failing public education and that education funding needs to be increased even if it means raising taxes.

NEA Member Benefits Opens Disaster Relief Program for OEA Members

by Doug Folks on 21-Feb-17 11:07
NEA Member Benefits has opened its Disaster Relief Program for counties in northwest Oklahoma in response to ice storms in January.

SQ 779 Intensified the Conversation About Education

by Doug Folks on 10-Nov-16 08:11
With the failure of SQ 779, it's now up to the legislature to fix education funding.

OSSBA Survey Demonstrates the Urgency to Pass SQ 779

by Doug Folks on 22-Aug-16 12:11
Results of the latest OSSBA survey of Oklahoma schools reveals how important it will be to pass SQ 779 in November.

State Board Faces A Difficult Task

by Doug Folks on 10-Jun-16 15:00
"I’m sure there are no easy answers to the question of, 'Where do we cut multiple millions of dollars without hurting students?' The simple answer is, you can’t."

SB 1187 Sets Schools Up For Failure

by Doug Folks on 10-Mar-16 15:37
Pres. Alicia Priest says the Senate's passage of SB 1187 sets schools up for failure.

Vouchers Will Cost our Education System Far Too Much, Please Vote No

by Doug Folks on 10-Mar-16 11:00
President Alicia Priest has sent an open letter to state legislators, asking them to vote no on vouchers.

OEA President Calls for Legislature to Tap Rainy Day Fund

by Doug Folks on 07-Mar-16 15:57
With public schools of all sizes looking at four-day weeks and cutting staff, cutting programs for students, and increasing class sizes by initiating reductions in force (RIF) policies, OEA President Alicia Priest calls on the legislature to tap the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

Education Organizations Applaud Supreme Court Ruling

by Doug Folks on 12-Jan-16 12:09
OEA, CCOSA and OSSBA appreciate the Supreme Court's decision to allow a penny sale tax initiative to move forward.

Legislators Have Put Us in This Fiscal Crisis

by Doug Folks on 17-Dec-15 17:57
Legislative leaders are blaming everyone but themselves for our state's fiscal crisis when, in fact, it was the legislature that created the problem in the first place.

Former Pres. Kyle Dahlem Honored by Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence

by Doug Folks on 16-Nov-15 16:08
OEA's official statement concerning candidate interviews for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Supt. Barresi's claim she refused to meet with OEA members.

Petition Drive To Create Penny Sales Tax for Education

by Doug Folks on 21-Oct-15 16:25
Funding cuts have brought public schools to a critical point in state history, but a petition drive to create a one-cent sales tax could possibly save our schools.

Attacking Teachers Doesn’t Improve Education

by Doug Folks on 20-Mar-15 11:23
It's a shame some legislators want to meddle in teachers' pocketbooks instead of focusing on the real issues facing education.

Committee Passage of HB 1749 is "Shameful"

by Doug Folks on 16-Mar-15 16:53
OEA members are deeply disappointed in a Senate Committee's passage of a bill that looks to silence the voices of teachers.

Fallin's State of the State Barely Scratches Education Surface

by Doug Folks on 02-Feb-15 15:16
While Gov. Fallin touched on education as a priority in her State of the State address, she didn't go far enough. Teachers are long overdue for a pay raise and our state's testing culture of label and punish is unacceptable.

OEA Applauds Legislators' Efforts to Permanently Correct RSA

by Doug Folks on 22-Jan-15 14:15
The Oklahoma Education Association commends Sen. Ron Sharp and Reps. Jon Echols and Katie Henke for introducing bills this session that would make permanent last year’s changes to the Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA)

Hofmeister Inauguration Brings Hope to Teachers, ESPs

by Doug Folks on 12-Jan-15 14:08
OEA believes the inauguration of Joy Hofmeister as State Superintendent is a reason to be hopeful for public education.

OEA Disappointed by Expected Cuts to State Revenue

by Doug Folks on 18-Dec-14 14:51
Pres. Hampton expresses the association's concern that the average citizen will see little or no money in their pocket from a 2016 tax cut while public schools remain terribly underfunded.

State Education Leaders Meet to Address High Stakes Testing Problems

by Doug Folks on 05-Dec-14 09:54
OEA convened a large cross-section of the public education community to address concerns we are over-testing K-12 students. The group, which included teachers, administrators, parents, tribal leaders, community members and a legislator, looked at testing as it relates to the Reading Sufficiency Act, students with disabilities and state and federal requirements.

OEA Board Supports PTA Testing Resolution

by Doug Folks on 05-Nov-14 15:06
The OEA Board of Directors has voted to support the Oklahoma PTA's resolution on assessment and accountability.

Congratulations to Joy Hofmeister

by Doug Folks on 04-Nov-14 21:07
Pres. Hampton says OEA is excited to work with Joy Hofmeister in a new, more positive era for public education.

Congratulations to Gov. Mary Fallin

by Doug Folks on 04-Nov-14 21:02
Pres. Hampton says OEA is ready to help Gov. Fallin make education a priority during her second term.

State Regents Certify PASS Standards

by Doug Folks on 16-Oct-14 13:46
The State Regents for Higher Education have certified the PASS Standards as college and career ready. Read OEA President Linda Hampton's statement praising the Regents' vote.

OEA Recommends Dorman for Governor

by Doug Folks on 17-Sep-14 16:27
Joe Dorman,who has long been a champion of public education, has been recommended for the state's highest office by the OEA Fund for Children and Public Edcuation.

No Surprises in A-F Grade Report

by Doug Folks on 17-Sep-14 14:02
Alicia Priest, OEA Vice President, says today's (Sept. 17, 2014) release of Oklahoma's A-F Grades was not surprising. A bad recipe with bad ingredients leaves a bad taste.

Loss of Federal Waiver Leaves Oklahoma Education Behind

by Doug Folks on 29-Aug-14 14:47
More than 1,600 Oklahoma schools will now land on the "needs improvement" list with the state's loss of it's NCLB waiver.

Pres. Hampton Cheers Veto Override of HB 2625

by Doug Folks on 21-May-14 19:35
The bipartisan override of HB 2625 did the right thing for nearly 8,000 third graders.

Gov. Fallin Refuses Testing Fairness, Vetoes HB 2625

by Doug Folks on 20-May-14 16:32
Gov. Mary Fallin vetoes HB 2625, ignoring petitions and cries for help from thousands of parents, educators and community members.

Thanks for Passing HB 2625

by Doug Folks on 12-May-14 18:20
Pres. Linda Hampton applauds passage of HB 2625, which amends the Reading Sufficiency Act.

Part II: OEA Encourages Officials to Support HB 2625: Do What Is Best for Children

by Doug Folks on 09-May-14 15:54
The State Department of Education releases the results for the third grade reading test before schools can share the grades with parents.

OEA Encourages Officials to Support HB 2625: Do What Is Best for Children

by Doug Folks on 09-May-14 10:22
As schools begin to receive results of the Third Grade Reading Test, OEA asks legislators to support HB 2625, which amends the law to give parents a say in their children's education.

High-Stakes Testing Vendor Unprepared Yet Again

by Doug Folks on 21-Apr-14 16:38
OEA's official statement concerning candidate interviews for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Supt. Barresi's claim she refused to meet with OEA members.

High Stakes Testing Emphasis Disappointing

by Doug Folks on 10-Apr-14 13:35
Legislators are considering two bills to soften the severity of the Reading Sufficiency Act as testing season begins in Oklahoma schools.

What Does Proper Testing Look Like?

by Doug Folks on 02-Apr-14 13:53
The Oklahoma Education Association put together a blue ribbon panel of experts – all teachers, most of whom are National Board Certified – to discuss “What does proper testing look like?”

Common Core Implementation Needs Adjustment

by Doug Folks on 20-Feb-14 13:38
Pres. Linda Hampton outlined OEA's concerns for Common Core State Standards at a press conference today.

Tax Cuts for the Rich, Budget Cuts for State Agencies

by Doug Folks on 03-Feb-14 17:07
Gov. Fallin's FY2014 budget calls for tax cuts for the state's richest residents while cutting state agencies.

Statement Regarding "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act"

by Doug Folks on 15-Jan-14 16:05
Pres. Linda Hampton's official response to the filing of Rep. Sally Kern's "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act."

Supt. Barresi and Candidate Interviews

by Doug Folks on 15-Jan-14 15:36
OEA's official statement concerning candidate interviews for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Supt. Barresi's claim she refused to meet with OEA members.

Accountability Survey Gives Barresi an “F”

by Doug Folks on 08-Nov-13 11:22
Nearly 4,000 Oklahomans took part in a survey that gave State. Supt. Janet Barresi a grade for her performance since taking office.

First OEA Webinar to Cover Writing for CCSS/OAS

by Doug Folks on 01-Nov-13 14:41
Lara Searcy will present "Writing Across the Curriculum for CCSS/OAS" in OEA's first professional development webinar.

Grading Supt. Barresi

by Doug Folks on 30-Oct-13 16:22
What grade would you give Supt. Barresi for her performance since taking office? Link to a survey and record your grades.

Pension System’s Overhaul Unwarranted

by Doug Folks on 24-Oct-13 15:17
A national pension actuaries firm says the TRS is in its best shape in 20 years.

Common Core Survey

by Doug Folks on 23-Oct-13 09:17
The NEA Center for Great Public Schools would like you to complete a survey about collaborative learning and integrating the Common Core.

National Poll Validates Local Concerns

by Doug Folks on 26-Aug-13 15:58
A poll recently released by Pi Delta Kappa and Gallup confirms some of OEA's concerns for issues facing public education.

Oklahoma Teacher Pensions are number one

by on 22-Aug-13 11:05
Despite the positive news regarding the status of Oklahoma's seven pension systems there is intention to cut benefits and make drastic changes during next legislative session.

OEA Only Organization to Respond to Testing Study

by Doug Folks on 21-Aug-13 14:05
OEA was the only organization to make remarks at a special State Board of Education meeting which announced the results of an investigation into testing failures by CTB/McGraw Hill.

Insurance Board to Vote on Rate Changes

by Doug Folks on 15-Aug-13 16:55
Education employees will be looking at insurance premium increases of 4.5 percent when the Oklahoma Employees Insurance and Benefits Board votes on proposed health insurance premium increases.

Hold Testing Company Accountable

by Doug Folks on 13-Aug-13 12:07
Students, teachers and schools are continually held accountable. After last spring's testing debacle, CTB/McGraw Hill, the testing company, should be held accountable as well.

Cash Needed, Not Free Services in Testing Settlement

by Doug Folks on 26-Jul-13 13:21
The State Department of Education's settlement with CTB/McGraw Hill over the testing debacle does not include enough cash and too much for unnecessary "in-kind" services.

SDE Denies Public Comment on Testing

by Debbie Moore on 27-Jun-13 16:06
Today the Okalhoma Education Association was prepared to request all 2013 standardized tests be invalidated when members of the State Department of Education informed association leaders that they would not be allowed to speak.

Study Says Tests Should Be Invalidated

by Doug Folks on 25-Jun-13 16:21
An OEA report concludes that all 2013 standardized tests should be declared invalid. See the full report inside.

Study Finds A-F Grading System Unreliable

by Doug Folks on 17-Jan-13 13:59
Researchers from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have released a study that finds the state's A-F Grading System for schools unreliable and misleading.

Q&A with State School Board Members

by Doug Folks on 14-Dec-12 11:22
Members of the Oklahoma State Board of Education answer a series of questions for the OEA's Education Focus magazine.

SQs 758 & 766 Could Hurt Education

by Doug Folks on 25-Oct-12 14:35
Passage of State Questions 758 and 766 could mean nearly $40 million in cuts to education funding, and local property taxes could increase.

A Conversation with State Teacher of the Year Elaine Hutchison

by Doug Folks on 25-Oct-12 13:36
Fairview's Elaine Hutchison sat down with the Education Focus shortly after being named State Teacher of the Year and talked about a number of topics, including life in a small town, her path to the classroom, and her new “flipped” classroom.

State School Board Didn't Listen to Parents and Education Leaders

by Doug Folks on 25-Oct-12 13:00
The State Board of Education today approved the original A-F grades without recalculation. OEA President Linda Hampton responds.

Pres. Hampton Responds to Tabling of A-F Grades

by Doug Folks on 08-Oct-12 16:38
OEA President Linda Hampton responds to today’s tabling of the A-F Grading System for Public Schools.

PDK/Gallup Poll Finds Conflicting Viewpoints

by Doug Folks on 14-Sep-12 16:36
Common Core will make the U.S. more competitive and closing achievement gaps are a priority to Americans, according to the latest Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll.

Insurance Premium Increase Lower Than Expected

by Doug Folks on 17-Aug-12 13:33
OSEEGIB will use reserve funds to keep health insurance premiums lower than originally expected.

TV Special Aims to Promote Parent Trigger

by Doug Folks on 17-Aug-12 10:56
A television special billed as a celebration of teachers is actually an effort to promote a movie produced by anti-public education forces.

A Q&A with President Linda Hampton

by Doug Folks on 01-Aug-12 15:09
As Linda Hampton begins her first full term as president of the OEA, she answers a few questions about the job, the Association and education in general.

A Q&A with VP Alicia Priest

by Doug Folks on 01-Aug-12 14:56
Alicia Priest recently sat down to discuss what she’s experienced as vice president, so far, and where she thinks education is headed.

Federal Budget Cuts Could be Devastating for Oklahoma Schools

by Doug Folks on 24-Jul-12 10:43
Oklahoma schools could be facing some devastating news if Congress does not find a solution to budget cuts that could kick in on January 2, 2013.

State Budget Proposal Hurts Education

by Doug Folks on 23-May-12 15:49
A flat budget for education equates to a budget cut when we remember $253 million in cuts over the last three years coupled with increased enrollment.

North Tulsa to Celebrate Reading

by Doug Folks on 10-May-12 09:29
Local celebrities, arts and crafts, and door prizes will all be part of Read Across North Tulsa, a celebration of reading sponsored by the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association.

See You at the Stand Up for Public Education Rally

by Doug Folks on 04-May-12 10:45
The year-long Stand Up for Public Education Campaign will culminate with a rally tomorrow (May 5) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the North lawn of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

OEA Award Winners

by Doug Folks on 03-May-12 16:35
OEA honored recipients of various awards during April's Delegate Assembly. Awards were given to individuals members, local associations, and student and professional journalists. See a list of all winners on the next page.

OEA Supports Resolution to Disapprove A-F Grading System Rules

by Doug Folks on 01-May-12 16:08
The OEA will speak in support of a resolution to disapprove rules for the A-F Grading System tomorrow during the House Administrative Rules and Government Oversight Committee.

2012 OEA Election Results

by Doug Folks on 16-Apr-12 14:37
Linda Hampton was elected president and Alicia Priest was elected vice president in OEA's recent elections. See results from all of the inside.

Obama Accepts State's ESEA Waiver Request

by Doug Folks on 09-Feb-12 15:22
OEA President Linda Hampton attended a White House ceremony at which President Barrack Obama announced acceptance of the state's ESEA waiver request.

Robison Leaving OEA to Join SDE

by Doug Folks on 09-Dec-11 15:41
Chief Lobbyist Joel Robison has resigned to become State Supt. Janet Barresi’s chief of staff.

Myth vs. Fact -- Child Abuse Reporting

by Doug Folks on 14-Nov-11 14:41
The recent events at Penn State University involving allegations of child abuse and the failure to report the abuse by high level administrators presents an opportune time to remind our members that education employees in Oklahoma have an obligation to promptly report to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) any suspected abuse or neglect of a child under the age of 18.

NEA Group Meets with Pres. Obama

by Doug Folks on 04-Nov-11 13:32
NEA President Dennis Van Rokel and a group of 10 NEA members, including Oklahoma's Greg Johnson, were part of a “working meeting” with Pres. Barack Obama on November 1.

HealthChoice Prescription Changes To Save Members Money

by on 27-Oct-11 13:36
State and education employees enrolled in HealthChoice are expected to save money on some of their prescriptions next year. Under a new prescription coverage rule, members will have the option of purchasing their maintenance prescription drugs by mail order through Medco or at Walmart, Sam’s or CVS retail outlets, beginning January 1, 2012.

State TLE Commission Wants Your Feedback

by on 23-Sep-11 14:42
The Teacher & Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Commission is requesting public comment on its first set of preliminary recommendations. Learn more about the different TLE models and recommend your selection.

Labor Commissioner's Remarks Anger OEA Members

by Doug Folks on 19-Sep-11 11:36
Remarks made by Labor Commissioner Mark Costello last week has angered OEA members. President Linda Hampton said this kind of name calling and bullying isn't allowed in schools and shouldn't be allowed by politicians.

Back To School with NEA MB

by Doug Folks on 26-Aug-11 16:10
NEA Member Benefits can help you recruit new members by sharing exciting products and services.

Insurance Premiums Will Not Increase for Educators

by on 19-Aug-11 14:57
While some school districts are drowning in a sea of budget cuts, the Oklahoma State and School Employees Group Insurance Board (OSSEGIB) decided to throw a safety ring to help schools stay afloat.

Barresi Budget Doesn’t Support Teachers, New Reading Initiatives

by on 23-Jun-11 16:48
Funding to support reading sufficiency was cut by $1.4 million, despite recent legislation passed to ensure all kids can read on grade level by third grade. State Supt. Janet Barresi unveiled the 2011-2012 education budget today.

State Department Delivers Fatal Blow to Teacher Incentive Program

by on 23-Jun-11 16:34
A brutal 10 percent cut to the common education budget proved fatal for the prestigious National Board Certified Teacher program. State Supt. Janet Barresi decided not to fund the NBCT program in the 2011-2012 budget released today.

Collective Bargaining Positively Impacts Student Improvement

by Doug Folks on 14-Jun-11 11:55
A report from the American Rights at Work Education Fund showcases labor-management partnerships among eight other schools nationwide, including Putnam City West High School and the Oklahoma Education Association. The report provides powerful evidence underscoring the role collective bargaining plays in improving student achievement.

Congress to Consider Two ESP Bills

by on 06-Jun-11 10:50
New legislation proposed to recognize support professionals.

Project Blue Bird Brightens Adams Elementary

by Doug Folks on 26-May-11 10:07
A centerpiece of the Student OEA’s work at Adams Elementary for Outreach to Teach is a large eagle mural in the front foyer of the Oklahoma City School.

Alicia Priest Elected VP

by Doug Folks on 16-May-11 15:37
Yukon's Alicia Priest has been elected OEA Vice President by the Board of Directors.

Speaking Out for Respect

by Doug Folks on 13-May-11 17:10
In her April 29 video address just before Teacher Appreciation Week, State Supt. Janet Barresi agreed with a legislator’s statement that public schools are factories that suck the souls out of our children. At least two teachers have written directly to Supt. Barresi and expressed how offended they are of her remarks.

How Are Budget Cuts Impacting Our Schools?

by on 11-May-11 17:58
Oklahoma teachers share their stories on how budget cuts are affecting themselves, their classrooms, and their schools.

2011 OEA Awards

by on 02-May-11 13:08
Recipients of OEA 2011 awards were honored during Delegate Assembly, April 29-30.

Becky Felts – A True Champion for Education

by on 22-Apr-11 12:17
Former OEA President Becky Felts passed away this morning (April 22) after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

2011 OEA Elections Results

by Doug Folks on 18-Apr-11 13:00
Lori Burris won a second term as NEA Delegate for the Oklahoma Education Association while Okemah’s Amy Duncan won a race for the Southeast Zone B seat on the OEA Board of Directors.

OEA Disappointed with Loss of Trial De Novo

by Doug Folks on 13-Apr-11 11:19
OEA President Linda Hampton says the Associaiton is disappointed, but not surprised, with the signing of HB 1380, which eliminates true due process for career teachers.

Get Earthquake Ready

by Doug Folks on 08-Apr-11 15:18
Educators face plenty of daily mini-disasters, from mysteriously missing homework to antsy second graders that won’t sit still. But when real emergencies unfold, school personnel and students have to be prepared. That’s where the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut comes in.

Felts Announces Retirement

by Doug Folks on 10-Mar-11 09:27
President Becky Felts has announced her retirement from the Oklahoma Education Association effective April 1 due to health reasons.

Teachers to Rally for Rights, Retirement, Funding

by on 09-Mar-11 17:44
Teachers from all across the state will rally on the South steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol Tuesday, March 15 during spring break.

200 College Students Provide Extreme School Makeover

by on 02-Mar-11 20:39
The Student Oklahoma Education Association (SOEA) in conjunction with the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) will give John Adams Elementary School an "Extreme Makeover" Friday March 4th.

El Reno Native American Parents Talk with District about Respect

by on 15-Feb-11 07:25
Creating an environment of mutual respect will be the topic of conversation when The Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes Department of Education, Oklahoma Education Association, El Reno Education Association, El Reno Public Schools, parents and community leaders meet this Thursday.

Discount Thunder Tickets Just for OEA Members

by on 08-Feb-11 11:49
Here’s your chance to root for NBA All-Stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and the rest of the OKC Thunder in person. The Thunder is offering discount tickets to OEA members to the Thunder’s home game against the Portland Trail Blazers, March 27.

Unintended Consequences

by on 03-Feb-11 09:48
Mark Hayes’ parents were both teachers, but he never intended to follow in their footsteps. A life-long resident of Wagoner, his dream was to be a highway patrolman.

Q&A With State Supt. Baressi

by Doug Folks on 01-Feb-11 16:04
During a interview with the OEA just three days into her term as State Superintendent of Instruction, Dr. Janet Baressi outline her ideas of make the SDE more efficient and changing the state's testing program.

SDE Board Lowers NBCT Stipend

by Doug Folks on 28-Jan-11 12:25
The Oklahoma State Board of Education voted Thursday to pay equal stipends to all nationally certified educators, but at a rate less than the $5,000 set by state law.

Race To Nowhere Screenings

by Doug Folks on 26-Jan-11 14:34
The Oklahoma Education Association will host three free screenings of “Race To Nowhere,” an important documentary that looks at the pressure heaped on students and teachers by high-stakes tests. A panel discussion will be held in addition to the screenings set for Feb. 28 – one at Moore Norman Technology Center in Norman and two at Circle Cinema in Tulsa. Seating is limited, so pre-registration is required.

Career Change: Milken Award Winner Answers Her Calling to Teach

by on 25-Jan-11 09:13
It was the tragic homicide of her first husband that brought fifth grade math teacher Jennifer Evans Lowery to her true calling.

Putting Education First

by on 07-Jan-11 15:10
Have you seen OEA's new TV Commercials? The spots feature a new logo and new tag line.

SDE Approves $18 Million for TRS Credit

by on 06-Jan-11 08:49
The State Board of Education took a step for teachers recently when it voted 4-3 to approve sending $18 million to the Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System to cover half of the retirement offset.

Winners Named in Member Benefits Promotion

by on 10-Dec-10 11:38
Congratulations to Pryor’s Kimi Cross and Durant’s Katherine Moore (Intermediate Elementary). They were chosen in a random drawing as grand prize winners of $250 each in OEA’s Member Benefits registration promotion.

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