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Oklahoma Election Guide for November 12, 2019

posted on 06-Nov-19 09:11
Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, is election day in 34 Oklahoma counties. Do you have a plan to vote?

Kate Baker Joins OEA as Advocacy Specialist at TCTA

posted on 04-Oct-19 09:24
Tulsa educator Kate Baker has joined the OEA an advocacy specialist assigned to her former local association.

Oklahoma Election Guide for October 8, 2019

posted on 26-Sep-19 11:55
Elections are scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 8, in 17 Oklahoma counties. Is your district one of them?

Linda Hendrix Leaves an Impressive Legacy

posted on 09-Sep-19 15:03
Most of us hope that, once we retire, people will remember us for something positive. That won’t be an issue for Linda Hendrix, who recently retired from OEA.

Reach Out to the ECEs in Your Building

posted on 09-Sep-19 14:46
Early Career Educators need your support, especially at the beginning of the year. Reach out and see what they need help with.

Oklahoma Election Guide for September 10, 2019

posted on 05-Sep-19 10:53
Forty-nine Oklahoma counties have elections on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Do you have a plan to vote?

Jessica Jernegan Named Finalist for NEA Foundation's Top Award

posted on 28-Aug-19 15:13
Bixby’s Jessica Jernegan has been named a finalist for the prestigious NEA Member Benefits Award for Teaching Excellence, the highest award presented by the NEA Foundation.

No Surprise, But Still Painful – Health Insurance Rates Are Rising

posted on 20-Aug-19 14:30
In what seems to be an annual August headline, health insurance rates for education employees, other state workers and retirees are going up next year.

Ellen Pogemiller Joins OEA's Lobby Team

posted on 08-Aug-19 16:38
Missouri grad Ellen Pogemiller is OEA's newest member of the Legislative and Political Organizing Center and Southwest Regional Team.

Heather Cody Joins OEA Staff

posted on 30-Jul-19 11:41
Former Tulsa educator Heather Cody joins the OEA staff on the Northeast Team as a teacher and learning specialist.

Senate Pro Tem Announces Interim Studies

posted on 26-Jul-19 14:37
Pro Tem Greg Treat has announced which interim studies the Oklahoma Senate will convene this year.

2019 Oklahoma House Interim Studies Announced

posted on 23-Jul-19 08:47
Speaker Charles McCall has announced which interim studies were approved for further study by the Oklahoma House of Representatives this year.

Oklahoma Election Guide for August 13, 2019

posted on 17-Jul-19 15:48
Elections are scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019, in 17 Oklahoma counties. Be sure to make your plan to vote.

Education Bills of the 2019 Legislative Session

posted on 18-Jun-19 11:39
Here's a look at every education bill that passed out of the 2019 legislative session.

Common Questions: 2019 Legislative Session Proposed Teacher Pay Raise

posted on 17-May-19 09:56
The governor and legislative leaders announced an $8.3 billion budget deal May 15, and that deal includes a teacher pay raise.

Oklahoma Election Guide for May 14, 2019

posted on 23-Apr-19 16:12
Fifteen school districts have bond elections scheduled for May 14. Is your district one of them?

Divergent Novels Inspire Chisholm High School Senior

posted on 11-Apr-19 15:20
Competition was intense for the 2019 Read Across America Poster Contest, with Chisholm High School's Danae Stidham taking top honors.

Oklahoma Election Guide for April 2, 2019

posted on 21-Mar-19 17:08
Hundreds of elections are planned in 75 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma on Tuesday, April 2. What's your plan to vote?

Oklahoma Election Guide for March 5, 2019

posted on 01-Mar-19 16:30
School bond elections are scheduled for around the state on March 5, 2019. Have you made a plan to vote?

Oklahoma Election Guide for February 12, 2019

posted on 08-Feb-19 17:01
Want to show your community how much you love them? Give everyone an early Valentine’s present by hitting the polls Tuesday, Feb. 12. Elections are scheduled across Oklahoma, so be sure to make your plan to vote that day.

OEA Response to Gov. Stitt's 2019 State of the State Address

posted on 04-Feb-19 14:57
We're glad Gov. Stitt wants to move Oklahoma public education to No. 1. He wants teacher pay to be tops in the region, but his $1,200 proposal won't get us there.

Pay Increases, School Funding Highlight Year 2 of Together We're Stronger

posted on 19-Dec-18 15:50
Teacher salary increases and improved school funding highlight the Oklahoma Education Association’s Year Two of its Together We’re Stronger plan, as outlined by OEA President Alicia Priest at a press conference today.

James Keith Named Next OEA Executive Director

posted on 12-Dec-18 12:07
James Keith, administrative director at the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Duluth campus, has been named the next executive director of the Oklahoma Education Association.

Oklahoma Election Guide for August 28, 2018

posted on 06-Aug-18 16:15
All voters, regardless of party affiliation, will have elections to vote in on August 28. In this blog, you'll find a county-by-country look at what will be on the ballot.

School Bond Issues to Appear on Aug. 28 Ballot

posted on 31-Jul-18 14:24
Eighteen school districts around the state will have bond issues on the Aug. 28 ballot.

2018 Candidates for Oklahoma State Superintendent

posted on 22-Jun-18 20:30
Four of the five candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction have completed a questionnaire from the OEA Fund for Children and Public Education. Read their answers inside.

The 2018 Educator Caucus

posted on 11-Jun-18 12:20
Nearly 800 Oklahomans filed to run for office this year - the highest number of candidates in state history.

OEA Joins Effort Challenging SQ 799 Petition

posted on 17-May-18 18:26
The Oklahoma Education Association has joined a group of taxpayers and education organizations to file a challenge to the State Question 799 referendum petition.

Putnam City 5th Grader Wins Top Prize in RAA Poster Contest

posted on 02-May-18 10:13
Zarina Khalidov's drawing of a house being lifted away by balloons has won Best in Show in OEA's 2018 Read Across America poster contest.

Responding to Student Walkouts Protesting School Gun Violence

posted on 01-Mar-18 11:27
OEA General Counsel Richard Wilkinson offers some advise about when and how teachers and support professionals should respond to student walkouts.

Oklahoma Election Guide for March 6, 2018

posted on 01-Mar-18 10:35
If you live in HD 51, have you made a plan to vote in the special election, March 6?

It’s Too Early to Give Up Now – Keep Up the Pressure

posted on 14-Feb-18 16:06
The outcome of Monday's Step Up Lobby Day was disappointing, but it's way to early to give up. We still have bills in place to improve public education funding.

Oklahoma Election Guide for Feb. 13, 2018

posted on 09-Feb-18 14:45
All but two Oklahoma counties have elections on Feb. 13. Make your plan to vote today.

A Peek Behind the Curtain: How People are Working Hard on Your Behalf

posted on 08-Feb-18 10:42
OREA Executive Director Sabra Tucker lets education employees know just how hard people are working to make a difference in their professional lives.

Imagine What Step Up Can Do for Education

posted on 07-Feb-18 14:52
The Step Up plan would raise nearly $800 million for our state. Imagine how much that would help our students.

Oklahoma Election Guide for Jan. 9, 2018

posted on 05-Jan-18 10:26
The primary election to fill Rep. Scott Briggs' HD 51 seat is Tuesday, Jan. 9 and several counties have ballot questions or school bond elections. Do you have a plan to vote that day?

PSAT/NMSQT Score Release Provides Students and Educators with Tools and Learning Opportunities

posted on 03-Jan-18 14:49
The College Board is offering students a free personalized SAT study plan that focuses on the areas where they need the most work.

Organizing Conference Call for Presenters

posted on 12-Dec-17 14:18
Share your local association's organizing successes at the 2018 Organizing Conference.

Fallin's Veto Gives Legislators Another Chance

posted on 17-Nov-17 21:21
OEA thanks the governor for her veto and implores legislators to get back to work.

Special Session Was a Dismal Failure

posted on 17-Nov-17 15:38
Pres. Alicia Priest says OEA and its members are extremely disappointed by the failure of the legislature to find new revenue to fund core government services.

Do You Have a Plan to Vote November 14?

posted on 10-Nov-17 10:07
Three legislative seats will be decided in special elections on November 14 as well as a number of school bond issues and county measures. Do you have a plan to vote?

State Budget Cuts Could Be Coming

posted on 30-Oct-17 16:08
The legislature has still not found a solution to the budget issues facing our state. Here are three simple things you can do to help.

Oklahoma Dreamers Webinar

posted on 20-Oct-17 10:16
Here is a list of resources for educators, support professionals, students and families about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA.

Oklahoma Dreamers

posted on 18-Oct-17 15:00
Here are several resources for educators, support professionals, students and families about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA.

Oklahoma Election Guide for Oct. 10, 2017

posted on 06-Oct-17 15:26
Elections are scheduled for Oct. 10 in 27 counties across Oklahoma, so be sure to make your plan to vote that day. Several school districts have bond elections Tuesday.

Funding Plan is a Good Start

posted on 05-Oct-17 15:20
Rep. Inman's Bipartisan Oklahoma Plan is a good start to fix the state's education funding issues, but it still leaves work to be done in the 2018 regular legislative session.

Contact Your Lawmakers During the 2017 Oklahoma Special Session

posted on 26-Sep-17 09:05
President Alicia Priest has recorded a video message about the 2017 special session.

How to Protect Yourself After the Equifax Data Breach

posted on 21-Sep-17 16:35
In the wake of the Equifax cyberattack, here's what you need to know to protect yourself.

Oklahoma Election Guide for Sept. 12, 2017

posted on 07-Sep-17 16:23
HD 46 has a general election and SD 37 has a primary election on Sept. 12. In addition, 40 counties have elections and/or propositions on the ballot next Tuesday.

Organized Labor Benefits All Workers

posted on 01-Sep-17 14:18
Unions are the most effective way for workers to come together and counter the influence big money and big corporations have on our democracy.

We Can't Wait Any Longer

posted on 22-Aug-17 15:45
In light of OSSBA's survey of school districts, OEA President Alicia Priest says legislators must stop kicking the problem down the road and find real solutions sooner rather than later.

A Special Session is Our Second Chance

posted on 10-Aug-17 15:59
OEA President Alicia Priest tells Governor Fallin and legislative leaders that a special session is an opportunity to keep their promises to Oklahomans.

Emergency Certifications On Record Pace

posted on 27-Jul-17 16:06
With 855 emergency certifications already granted for 2017-18, the teacher shortage is growing worse by the day.

TSET Grants Benefit 16 Schools

posted on 02-Jun-17 13:35
Sixteen Oklahoma school districts across the state received grants to promote health and prevent tobacco use among students.

This Budget Fails To Uphold Legislative Promises

posted on 26-May-17 16:09
OEA President Alicia Priest says the legislature failed Oklahoma by passing a budget that does nothing to fix education's problems.

Defeat SB 860

posted on 24-May-17 18:11
OEA President Alicia Priest calls for the defeat of SB 860, a budget that further cuts Oklahoma's students, teachers and schools.

Turning Words into Actions

posted on 23-May-17 08:57
As the 2017 Legislative Session reaches the final few days, education employees are needed at the Capitol to help push legislators to pass a budget for all Oklahomans.

Keeping It Simple, One Last Time

posted on 25-Jun-15 12:06
Before Linda leaves the office for retirement, she stops to say good bye to all OEA members.

Disappointed, But Not Surprised

posted on 17-Mar-15 17:11
After HB 1749 passed out of committee when two senators intentionally stayed away from the vote, I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

This Immoral Measure Would Silence Your Voice

posted on 19-Feb-15 18:44
The passage of HB 1749 in the State House of Representatives is a blatant attempt to silence the voice of OEA members.

Finding Fact in the Figures

posted on 10-Dec-14 10:57
Numbers don't lie, but when it comes to Oklahoma NAEP scores, it's important to look at all of the data and then understand what it is you're reading.

There Is A Silver Lining

posted on 05-Nov-14 15:57
Election day was a roller coaster ride, but public education has reason to be hopeful.

No Excuses - Please Vote on Nov. 4

posted on 29-Oct-14 12:06
We learned a hard lesson in 2010. This election year, we need to be informed and we need to vote on November 4.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

posted on 30-Sep-14 07:43
Politicians had their turn and we've seen the results. It's time for educators to lead public education.

Yes, Jason, $30 Million Is a Big Deal

posted on 29-Aug-14 15:10
My emotions ran from frustration to anger to utter belief while watching the press conferences concerning our state's loss of the NCLB waiver.

It's Time To Meet "Your Kids"

posted on 06-Aug-14 11:55
For education professionals, there are no words more powerful than "my kids." And with school starting around the state, teachers and support professionals are about to meet the next group of "their kids."

Waking Sleeping Giants

posted on 25-Jun-14 13:56
The victory during June 24's primary election is huge for all of public education.

Glorious, Not Pathetic

posted on 23-May-14 13:56
There was not one single thing about the legislature's override of HB 2625 that I found "outrageous or pathetic." It was glorious.

10 Meaningless Points

posted on 09-May-14 16:40
With the release of the third grade reading scores today, we find out that the system and the legislature failed nearly 8,000 students.

Teachers Plant Seeds of Knowledge

posted on 07-May-14 16:59
Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance to reflect on how teachers entered the profession because they care.

Gracias. Merci. Danke. Thank You.

posted on 03-Apr-14 16:57
Thank you to everyone who made March 31 a great day for public education.

On Monday, We Turn the Tide

posted on 27-Mar-14 16:48
On Monday, March 31, 2014, more than 20,000 people are expected to rally at the State Capitol for better education funding. It is the day we turn the tide and make education a priority.

Education's Oliver Twist Moment

posted on 04-Mar-14 13:14
Every year, we step up for Oklahoma's students and ask, "Please, sir, I want some more" funding for public schools. Since 2008, the response is the same as what Oliver Twist received to his request.

Reading Sufficiency Act - Miserable Position For A Child

posted on 03-Feb-14 16:40
It doesn’t matter what mom, or dad or the teacher says, what matters is what the test score says. What a miserable position for a 9 year old.

Testing Storm Continues to Boil

posted on 16-Jan-14 17:30
Just when we thought the testing situation couldn't get worse, the SDE comes back with more.

Three Simple Steps for the New Year

posted on 06-Jan-14 15:43
Here are three simple steps you can complete to help ensure education has a great legislative session.

Who's Pulling This Sinister Sleigh?

posted on 13-Dec-13 11:37
Who's pulling education's sleigh of bad intentions, and who's riding along?

Braver, Stronger, Smarter

posted on 25-Nov-13 14:27
Sharing some of the things for which I'm thankful when I think about school employees.

From Incredulous to Angry

posted on 05-Nov-13 14:29
The governor's comments threaten our children's education in an effort to silence our criticism.

Horror Stories Aren't Just for Halloween

posted on 25-Oct-13 14:24
This time of year, disguises and fear are part of the festivities. Educators deal with the real scare everyday - greed being disguised as education transformation.

We Do Not Like Your Pension Plan

posted on 17-Oct-13 16:30
With apologies to Dr. Seuss, "We do not like your pension. We do not like it Treasurer man."

Testing is not Teaching

posted on 07-Oct-13 17:05
Testing is not teaching; meaningful learning is a by-product of teaching.

Why Does a Texas Billionaire Care So Much About Our Pension?

posted on 19-Sep-13 09:47
Why is Texas billionaire John Arnold so interested in the Teachers' Retirement System?

We're Drowning in Reform

posted on 13-Sep-13 11:32
Public education is our "ocean" and we want to navigate it without drowning in politics.

Pat Yourself On The Back

posted on 23-Jul-10 15:35
Labor Day is a time to celebrate the economic and social contributions workers have made to America.
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