Gracias. Merci. Danke. Thank You.

Thank you - two of the most important words in our language - yet they seem too brief to express the feeling of gratitude I have to all of you who supported THE rally on March 31.

Thanks to each person who showed up. You braved the cold, windy beginning of the day and then got to enjoy a healthy dose of Oklahoma sunshine. Some of you still have the red glow of sunburn to prove it. You stood for nearly two hours listening to wonderful speakers. You were troopers when it came to waiting in the l-o-n-g bus lines.

You shared with your legislators what it was like in public education. Some of you received a warm welcome from your representative and, sadly, some of you didn’t. But either way, you went above and beyond because you care. You care for your students, your profession and the future of public education. Thank you!

Thanks to those who couldn’t come but sent emails and made phone calls in support. You covered classes so fellow teachers could come. You followed us on Facebook and Twitter. You sent your support and were with us in spirit. Thank you!

Thanks to each of the speakers. You were inspiring and informed. You made us proud of public education and of what we can and have achieved. You represented your organizations very well. Thank you!

Thanks to each of the school district bus drivers who drove not only their patrons to the rally, but helped shuttle others when the buses at Remington Park and Tinseltown were overwhelmed. There were drivers from Union, Norman, Woodward, Ft. Gibson, Mounds, Welch, Mustang and Sand Springs just to name a few who stepped up and helped. There were the buses that stopped to help others when there were transportation problems, and districts that allowed their bus barns to be used for repairs. Thank you!

Thanks to the legislators who were willing to stand with us. You opened your offices and truly listened. You set an example to other legislators as to the way an elected representative should support and listen to his or her constituents. Thank you!

Thanks to the members of the Oklahoma Education Coalition for the endless hours of work that went into the planning and actual rally. I want to list you by name because you are the groups that made it happen.

  • Oklahoma Education Association
  • Cooperative Council of Oklahoma School Administration
  • Oklahoma State School Boards Association
  • Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools
  • United Suburban Schools Association
  • Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association
  • Tulsa Public Schools
  • Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education
  • Oklahoma Parents and Teachers Association

You did an excellent job and your hard work paid off. Thank you!

Somehow thank you seems inadequate, only two small words. But those two words are sent from me to you with an endless amount of gratitude, appreciation and pride in my colleagues. You never cease to amaze me!



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