Horror Stories Aren't Just for Halloween

Nothing brings up thoughts of scary things more than Halloween.  You know all those things that go “BOO” in the middle of the night.  The cute disguises worn by children are fun, but it’s those things that really scare the living daylights out of you that I’m talking about.  So for public school employees what could possibly be scarier than a horror movie or prank by a student?  Well, let me tell you some of the things that go BOO in the night for me.

It’s privatization disguised as reform.  It’s any person who doesn’t value public education disguised as our State Superintendent of Public Education.  It’s money from a Texas billionaire disguised as helping revamp our retirement system.  It’s the State Chamber’s grant request to expand school choice disguised as a way to improve education.  It’s A to F report cards disguised as an accurate picture of a school’s performance.   It’s testing companies’ need to make bigger profits disguised as ways to help children.  It’s ALEC’s greed being disguised as education transformation.   It’s people who need to disguise what they are doing because their real agenda seems to be to make a profit off our children’s education.  Scary stuff!!

Unlike Halloween, we won’t wake up the next morning, and they’ll be gone.  Little do the scary folks realize we are united, we are strong, and we are in public education for the right reason---to help ALL of Oklahoma’s children have a great public education.  We are in it for the long haul.  We may not have their deep pockets, but we have something equally valuable and that is education and support professionals who are tenacious and willing to stand up for our profession and Oklahoma’s students.

 Again, we are public education.  When you are doing the right thing for the right reasons you don’t need to hide behind disguises.

P.S.  If you decided to dress up on Halloween, don’t go as Superman or Superwomen---that’s a role you fulfill daily in your school.  Thanks for being real hero who doesn’t need a disguise.


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