We Can't Wait Any Longer

August 22, 2017

OEA President Alicia Priest said results of OSSBA's survey of school districts creates even more urgency to find solutions to the state education funding crisis.

“We cannot wait any longer. We must find solutions to the education funding crisis now,” said OEA President Alicia Priest in response to survey results released today by the Oklahoma State School Boards Association.

The survey of Oklahoma public school administrators reveals state schools are starting another academic year with more than 500 teaching vacancies. School districts have already cut 400 teaching positions and the state has granted 855 emergency certifications before classes opened earlier this month.

“Public education is in a state of crisis,” Priest said. “Again, we call on Gov. Fallin and the Oklahoma Legislature to hold a special session to raise actual recurring revenue to address the needs of our education system as well as other core services of the state.

“Instead of fulfilling their promises last session to adequately fund schools, the legislature continued kicking the problem down the road by attempting a late hour ‘fix’ that has now been ruled unconstitutional. We urge Oklahoma citizens to compel the governor and the legislature to hold a special session that fulfills their promises instead of just trying to patch the funding hole left by the Supreme Court ruling regarding cigarette tax revenue.”


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