State Budget Cuts Could Be Coming

Members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives debated Monday how to fill a massive budget hole in health care.

Oklahoma is facing a $215 million budget hole created when the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down several taxes passed last session.

One option: more cuts.

Rather than responsibly raising revenue, House members talked about either gutting the state health care system or passing the buck to other state agencies. Some even said raising revenue was unfair because there was still plenty of waste and excessive spending to be found.

This isn't good enough. Our message to the Oklahoma House of Representatives is simple:

No cuts.

Raise revenue.

Do your job.

We all have to speak up not only for ourselves but for our fellow education workers and fellow Oklahomans who deserve access to core government services. We must stand up for one another because Together We're Stronger.

OEA members, we have to take immediate action.

Can you commit to taking three simple actions?

Call Rep. Kevin Wallace:

(405) 557-7368.

Rep. Wallace chairs the House Committee on Appropriations and Budget. Tell him to stop the cuts, raise revenue and do his job. No more games. Lives and jobs are on the line.

Call your member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Ask your rep to stop the cuts, raise revenue and do the job he or she was sent to the state Capitol to do. Leave a message if he or she is out. Send an email if you'd rather. Just make sure your rep hears from YOU.

Are you receiving text alerts from OEA? If not, send an email to Jay Williams, include your cell phone number (with area code) and ask to be included in the text service.

Together We're Stronger!


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