OEA responds to meals waiver

Paper lunch bag with sandwich, apple, juiceThe Oklahoma State Department announced some exciting news today: all Oklahoma public schools are allowed to serve two free meals to children every school day. 

Read the SDE announcement here

Previously, school districts were only allowed to serve free meals if at least 50% of their students qualified for free or reduced lunch. Now, that minimum is waived through June 30. 

This is an exciting development for our Oklahoma families, and we hope school districts will take advantage of this opportunity to serve the children of our state in such a unsettling time. 

OEA President Alicia Priest responds

Alicia Priest“The USDA waiver to allow schools to feed all children through June is a game-changer. No child should have to go hungry, and this ensures our schools can serve all students. Thanks to Superintendent Joy Hofmeister for her leadership and relentless efforts to protect our students during this crisis.”