OEA responds to #oklaed vaccines

State leaders announced Thursday that employees in pre-K-12 schools will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine beginning Feb. 22. 

OEA President Alicia Priest responds

Alicia Priest“We’re glad the governor has followed the lead of other governors across the country by prioritizing school workers. Educators have been outspoken in their advocacy for concrete actions to keep our schools open safely. We are grateful the governor has taken this critical step. Thank you to everyone who spoke up for our schools.

“We appreciate the pointed, deliberate, and collaborative effort by the Oklahoma State Department of Health to connect with schools. The public health workers in our communities have been working so hard for months, and we appreciate their tireless efforts.

Every teacher vaccinated represents a classroom full of students who can begin to go back to the business of learning unafraid. Vaccinating their teachers, coaches, bus drivers, cooks, and others is an important step toward normalcy.”

Come Back Safely

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