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About the NEA Student Program

The Student National Education Association (SNEA) was founded in 1937 as a department of NEA. The SNEA Representative Assembly almost 50 years later voted to end its affiliation status and merge with NEA as a program. The organization changed its name to the NEA Aspiring Educators Association in 2018.

Today we have:

  • 60,000 members
  • more than 900 college/university campus chapters
  • 50 state programs
  • a national, full-time, elected chairperson
  • a nine-member, appointed advisory committee of student members
  • 2 national conferences -- Summer Leadership Conference (June), and Fall Connections Conference (November).

We strive to:

  • promote community partnerships
  • foster leadership through pre-professional opportunities and peer mentoring
  • promote membership among diverse populations
  • provide networking opportunities
  • supplement formal teacher-education training
  • promote the national accreditation of teacher-education training
  • recruit and retain pre-professional members, and
  • maintain a presence at all NEA conferences.

The NEA Aspiring Educators Program is Essential

Nearly 2 million teachers across the country retired in 2007. We must take aggressive steps to replace these educators and ensure a quality teacher in every classroom. NEA supports teachers who are well qualified and prepared for their careers.

Also, one out of three NEA Aspiring Educarors members becomes an NEA leader

Book Discounts, Courtesy of NEA Member Benefits

Get 10% off textbooks from Barnes & Noble with free shipping on purchases over $25. The offer is available to members only and for online textbook purchases through our secured Web site.


Local campus chapters are encouraged to write grants to be implemented in area schools and communities. These CLASS grants are funded by the NEA and may be written for up to $1000 to assist local chapters in initiating a community service project that combines the local efforts of your local campus chapter, and members from a local K-12, Education Support Professional, Higher Education, or NEA Retired association. SOAR grants are available for larger projects and activities directly related to membership recruitment. Contact the state student organizer, if you have an idea for a project and are interested in applying.

Legislative and Political Organizing

The OEA Legislative and Political Organizing (LPO) Center was created to ensure that the interests of OEA and SOEA members are continuously protected and advanced in the governmental arena. This center is actively involved in lobbying at the State Capitol, helping pro-education candidates get elected to office, and monitoring all meetings of state agencies and education-related interim studies. Local campus chapters are welcome to contact the LPO Center to learn more about how their organization can become involved and make a difference in local, state, and national campaigns and education-related legislative issues.

Professional Development

Local chapters are encouraged to plan and implement one or two campus workshops each year. Your area OEA Teaching and Learning Specialist can assist your campus with the selection of workshops available to your local association. Training topics include managing conflicts, communications, managing change, decision making, time management, leadership styles, bullying awareness, birth order, brain based learning, cooperative learning, classroom management, and teacher rights. SOEA also hosts two state conferences and both are free to OAEA members.


SOEA members are covered by a $1 million liability insurance policy to protect them while they are assigned to field experiences and internships in the classroom. Members can also receive low rates on auto, homeowners/renters, and life insurance.


SOEA members get quality educational publications mailed to them throughout the year including NEA Today and Tomorrow’s Teachers. Members can subscribe to NEA Works4Me (weekly email).


Rebates are available for OAEA members as they enter the profession and become professional members of the Oklahoma Education Association in any district in the state. Rebates will be issued in the amount of $20.00 for each year of NEA and $10.00 for each year of OAEA membership up to four years. Rebate Application


Membership in OAEA/OEA/NEA offers several other benefits including credit union privileges (Oklahoma Educators Credit Union) and discounts on teaching supplies (Lakeshore Learning Centers, Kinko’s, Staples), entertainment, cell phones, computers, books (Barnes&Noble), magazines, travel, and merchandise. For more information, visit NEA Member Benefits.

Chapter/Member Resources

In order to establish an official OAEA chapter on your campus, follow these procedures:

Follow the procedures on your campus for establishing a club.

  1. Find a faculty or staff advisor for the club.
  2. Submit the following items to the OAEA office:
    • club constitution
    • advisor name and contact information
    • club officer names and contact information


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