Q&A: Students and coronavirus

The Oklahoma Education Association legal team and additional OEA staff members have answered some common questions about student-centered issues and the coronavirus pandemic.

What about extracurriculars during the shutdown? 

All activities are to be stopped, even virtual activities, until April 6 (unless the State Board of Education extends the statewide shutdown). 

What about activities after April 6, like prom or graduation? 

The pandemic is an ever-changing problem, and local districts will have to make those determinations. The State Board of Education statewide shutdown is until April 6, but they may extend it.

Can students continue with concurrent enrollment? 

Yes, depending on what the partner higher ed institution is requiring of their students. 

What about special education requirements? 

IEP meetings should be rescheduled until after the statewide closure. IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) must be implemented when school resumes. Once school goes back into session, then school officials can reschedule IEP reviews, re-evaluations, etc. Annual deadlines are still in place, according to the State Department of Education.

What will happen with state and other testing?

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said the testing window will remain in place for now, but the State Department of Education can apply for federal waivers if necessary. 

At this time, state-level assessments will proceed based on the previously published schedule. Contracts with assessment vendors contain make-up days, and the State can potentially modify or change dates for state assessment testing windows if necessary.

Advanced Placement Exams are set by College Board and will be administered over two weeks in May. 

The April administration of the ACT has been postponed to June 14.

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