Q&A: Teacher certification and coronavirus

The Oklahoma Education Association has answered some common questions about teacher certification during the coronavirus pandemic.

Has my testing date changed? 

Maybe. The Certification Examiners of Oklahoma Educators office announced Pearson has suspended testing through April. Check CEOE for current details.

Can I get fingerprinted during the statewide closure?  

No, for now. The Office of Teacher Certification is temporarily closed because of COVID-19. Be sure to call before you go: (405) 521-3337. 

What about student teachers?  

If public schools continue to remain closed after April 6, teacher education students will not be held accountable for the completion of internship and field experience hours for specific courses, according to the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability. 

College and university teacher preparation programs are being granted flexibility in regards to how students can complete their coursework and program requirements. 

Regarding the PPAT (currently being used in eight teacher preparation programs in Oklahoma), Task 4 submission is currently due April 10, but OEQA is working with ETS for a two-week extension until April 24. The agency will continue to work with ETS and colleges and universities past that date if necessary to provide additional flexibility. 

Regarding teacher certification tests, Pearson has closed all testing centers through mid-April; guidance is expected soon regarding future testing dates and hiring flexibility for districts. 

Teacher preparation programs will be getting the word out to their students about these issues, but after spring break, all teacher preparation candidates should contact their advisers and education faculty with questions as necessary.

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