State Board begins contract termination process

The Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board voted Tuesday, Oct. 13, to begin the process of terminating its contract with Epic Charter Schools. The board heard a presentation from the Oklahoma State Auditor & Inspector about the results of a yearlong investigative audit requested last summer by the governor. A hearing is tentatively set for January; the board will hear from both the assistant attorney general and Epic. 

OEA President Alicia Priest responds:

Alicia Priest“The Statewide Virtual Charter School Board took the correct first step with their decision to move forward with the Epic Charter Schools contract termination process.

“The State Auditor and the assistant attorney general have come to the same conclusion: that Epic violated their charter contract, the law, and the Oklahoma Constitution. Students deserve leaders who act legally and ethically.

“OEA has been saying for years that charter schools should have the same oversight as traditional public schools. State auditors say real oversight doesn’t exist here, and we agree. Now is the time for these charter sponsors to take responsibility for Epic’s administrative actions. Students don’t have time to wait.”