State Board recoups $11M in taxpayer funds

The Oklahoma State Board of Education met Monday, Oct. 12, to review the findings of an investigative audit of Epic Charter Schools. After hearing the findings and discussing the audit in private, the board voted unanimously to demand that Epic repay $11,235,919 within 60 days.

OEA President Alicia Priest responds:

Alicia Priest“All public schools must spend their money legally and ethically. Oklahoma students deserve nothing less. All public schools are held accountable and subject to oversight. Epic should not expect to be treated differently.

“We applaud the State board of Education for demanding Epic Virtual Charter School to repay the state. It’s hard to believe $11 million in mismanaged funds is a coding error. 

“We will watch the Virtual Charter School Board closely tomorrow. More than 60,000 children are relying on the board’s swift, strong leadership.

“This isn’t a reflection of Epic students and staff. This is a reflection of the school leadership, their school board, and their decisions.”