How Does Your Legislator Stack Up?

Take a look at our April 2018 issue of the Education Focus to see the 2018 Legislative Dashboards of all state representatives and senators. The issue includes voting records, accessibility ratings, committee assignments, time in office, contact information and more.

Every Tuesday Lobby Days

Every Tuesday, small groups of teachers, education support professionals, administrators and parents are coming the Capitol to meet with legislators from their home districts and/or those representing the school district. If you are interested in meeting with legislators to discuss education issues, please consider taking part in OEA's Every Tuesday Lobby Day. We start with a briefing at 9 a.m. at OEA Headquarters and then make our way to the Capitol to visit with legislators. To schedule your local's lobbying event, contact Ivy Riggs at 800.5222.8091 or 405.528.7785.

Legislative Updates & Alerts

The OEA Legislative Update/Alert is an e-newsletter emailed only to member home email addresses, according to OEA Policy. Published weekly throughout the year (or as needed), this electronic publication covers the latest legislative and political campaign news relevant to education and OEA members. If you are not receiving the Legislative Updates and Alerts, email Brenda Snider, membership processing, and give her your name, school district and home email address. For more information, contact Brenda at 800.522.8091.

Every decision for education is a political decision.

When it comes to education, being involved in politics is vital not only for the Oklahoma Education Association, but also for teachers and support professionals.

Every decision made for education is a political decision. The Oklahoma Legislature decides salary and benefits for education employees, how many days a teacher will be in the classroom, how many hours a teacher is to spend in the classroom and how much professional development is necessary to keep certification. Local school boards determine working conditions and budget line items, and hires a superintendent that manages the district.

OEA is a founding member of The Oklahoma Education Coalition. The coalition is dedicated to leading the effort to create, improve and support quality public education for all students, teachers and staff.


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