Stay Informed

Communicating with our members is a top priority and the OEA has a variety of methods to help keep members informed on issues that affect classrooms, teachers, support professionals and students.

The Education Focus

Recognized as the best newspaper among NEA affiliates of similar size, The Education Focus is the official magazine of the Oklahoma Education Association. Published nine times a year, The Focus covers events that affect our members and public education, personality features about members, and Association programs at the local, state and national level.

Electronic Issues Allow You to Skip the Hard Copy

OEA members have the option to read the monthly Education Focus via our website and not receive the magazine through the regular mail. Members who “opt out” of the hard copy will receive an email highlighting stories from the current issue and a link to the OEA website where they can review a PDF version online. Online opt out registration.

The Education Edge

The OEA Education Edge is a bi-weekly e-newsletter that covers regional news and late-breaking news, as well as information on OEA/NEA programs and services. It also includes information on programs and opportunities from organizations not affiliated with OEA that members may find useful.

Legislative Updates & Alerts

The OEA Legislative Update/Alert is an e-newsletter emailed only to member home email addresses, according to OEA Policy. Published weekly throughout the year (or as needed), this electronic publication covers the latest legislative and political campaign news relevant to education and OEA members. If you are not receiving the Legislative Updates and Alerts, email Scout Anvar​, Communications/LPO Center assistant, and give them your name, school district and home email address. For more information, contact Scout at 800.522.8091 or 405.523.4310.

Social Media

Social media has become the go-to source for information and OEA maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Facebook — OEA’s page provides a forum for conversation about current issues, especially breaking news from the legislature.

Twitter, @okea, provides commentary on current issues, and live-tweeting from some legislative committees and floor debates. offers several different boards to spark your inspiration and share a laugh, as well.

Instagram, @insta_okea, shares the faces of OEA members from across the state., has a wide variety of videos from OEA’s past media campaigns.


This texting platform allows OEA staff and board members have real-time conversations with our members on a variety of subjects. We use Hustle to encourage members to attend an event, make them aware of a pressing legislative issue or for various volunteer opportunities.