2021 Outreach to Teach Offers $2,000 Grant

Nominate A School Site in Your District

Due to the diffuculties and uncertainties of the pandmenic, the Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association is altering it’s annual Outreach to Teach day of action.

Our student members will not be able to work in a physical school site, so we will award the winning school our entire $2,000 Outreach to Teach budget (plus any additional donations) via an Amazon Wish List process.   Local associations (or OEA members in schools or districts without a local association) will need to complete this online Outreach to Teach Proposal 2021 by midnight, March 2. A winner will be announced Friday, March 5. 

Completing the Application

Applicants will submit two documents: 

  • A description of school needs that specific Amazon items will help address.
  • A budget with the items listed plus their costs. 

Please remember that your school site must be a high-needs school with a free and reduced lunch rate of at least 90% for your application to be considered. 

All applications will be evaluated via a scaled rubric, which will assess the following information for each stated school need: 

  • Why this is a specific need.
  • What specific items you will utilize to address this need.
  • How your educators will utilize these items.
  • How these items will benefit student learning. 

OAEA State President Elizabeth Shadid and the rest of her OAEA state officer team are looking forward to reviewing your applications and learning more about your school sites!

For more information or if you have questions, contact OAEA coordidnator Kim Littrell at klittrell@okea.org .