Delegate Assembly Moved to One-Day, Virtual Meeting

In light of the unprecedented circumstances brought on my the COVID-19 health crisis, the OEA Board of Directors has voted to hold a virtual Delegate Assembly on Saturday, May 9.

“We know this is not ideal, shortening the agenda and meeting virtually is a wise move,” said President Alicia Priest. “We all wish we could be together and hold our normal Delegate Assembly, but that’s just not possible this year.”

The Board outlined a limited agenda for the meeting:

  • Vote to Suspend Standing Rules
  • Vote to approve 2019 Delegate Assembly Minutes
  • Vote to approve the Proposed 2020 OEA Budget as recommended by the Board of Directors
  • Vote to approve OEA Resolutions
  • Vote to approve OEA Legislative Goals

The Delegate Assembly Handbook has been printed and is being mailed this week to delegates and a schedule for online delegate training is being developed. The training will be recorded for those who cannot attend the virtual meetings live.

OEA governance and staff are still working on logistical issues such as how best to hold the Delegate Assembly virtually and how delegates will vote on various agenda items. Details will be shared with delegates in the coming weeks.

Local leaders still have time send in their delegates’ credentials. They can be emailed to Rheta Kennedy at or faxed to her attention at 405-524-0350.