Help Hawaii Members


You may already be aware of the tragic events unfolding in the historic town of Lahaina, Hawaii where a devastating fire has wreaked havoc.

The heart-wrenching scenes of businesses, schools, homes, and the cherished historic harbor reduced to ashes have deeply affected us all. The toll on lives continues to rise, and the displacement of thousands from their homes, families, and community is nothing short of heartbreak. 

For those who wish to extend their assistance, the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) is accepting non-tax-deductible checks to provide direct aid to our affected members. The NEA will be working with our affiliates and partners to direct resources to support our members who are impacted by this catastrophe. 

Please visit to contribute directly to this vital support endeavor. 

In these trying times, we humbly request that you keep our HSTA ohana in your thoughts and prayers. As we collectively navigate through this crisis, our fervent hope is that further casualties or losses can be prevented for this profoundly devastated community.