In-School Quarantine Pilot Seems Dangerous and Irresponsible

Mustang Public Schools is piloting an in-school quarantine program developed by the State Health Department. Following is OEA President Alicia Priest’s response to a press conference held today to announce the program:

“With COVID numbers at all-time highs, it seems dangerous and irresponsible to create an in-school quarantine pilot program. Our students and staff shouldn’t be the subjects of unproven experiments.

“The best learning happens at school. We know that. We advocate for it day in and day out. Teachers and support staff want to be in school, so do our students.

“However, the reason many schools are learning remotely is because of community spread. If we want kids to go to school in person, we need to control the virus. Dangerous experimental pilots wouldn’t have to be on the table if the governor and other state leaders had developed real solutions from the beginning.”