Now is not the time for the governor’s political games

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt removed a member of the Oklahoma State Board of Education this week. It’s the second time in a month he’s booted a member of a state education board. He replaced the chair of the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board on Nov. 13. 

OEA President Alicia Priest responds

Alicia Priest“Less than a month ago, a member of the statewide virtual charter school board was removed. Today, we see a State Board of Education member was removed and replaced. These actions have common elements. Both of these public servants were removed after voicing opinions about holding all schools accountable. Both had voted to censure Epic Charter schools. Both were removed during a pandemic.  These actions exemplify a focus that is not the best priority for Oklahoma. We need to focus on doing what’s best for kids. Our students need state leaders who focus on good policy that comes from healthy discourse— not those who engage in loyalty tests and political games. Our students need state leaders who take decisive stands that will slow community spread in Oklahoma so all our kids can get back to learning in person.”

Come Back Safely

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