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Disaster Relief for Schools

If your school was damaged by severe weather during May 2015, the district may be eligible for assistance from NEA Healthy Futures Board of Directors’ Disaster Relief Fund. If your school needs assistance, contact David Williams, OEA Associate Executive Director, at 800.522.8091 or 405.528.7785.

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Pres. Linda Hampton's statement to the media after Gov. Fallin signs HB 1749 into law

“We are disappointed in Governor Fallin’s decision today to sign HB 1749 into law, but we aren’t surprised. This issue has always been about attempting to silence the voices of education employees.  We applaud those public servants with the courage to point out that our state's fiscal policy is bankrupting our public schools.  We applaud those public servants who recognize that sending public tax dollars to private schools or for-profit charters is not in the best interest of all of Oklahoma's students.

“In signing this bill, Governor Fallin and the legislature believe they have found a way to stifle those voices. But the 35,000 members of the Oklahoma Education Association will not be silenced. We will continue to speak out, strongly and frequently, as advocates for Oklahoma's public schools and students.”

This Month in the Oklahoma Observer

Bob Bearden, a trustee of the Central Oklahoma Labor Federation, says when you don't think you need a union is exactly when you need one most. Read his aricle "We Don't Need No Stinkn' Unions" in our Members Only section, and while you're there learn how you can win a free year's subscription to the print and digital issues of this progressive, champion-of-education newspaper. Inside, you can also find the Observer's 2014 Education Issue and information on how to receive a free, year-long subscription to the digital version of the Observer.

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The Student Oklahoma Education Association is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students currently preparing for careers in education. Become a member of OEA's student program today!

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OEA’s three Targeted Skill Session webinars - Writing Across the Curriculum, Project-Based Learning and Literacy Across the Curriculum - have all been archived and can be watched when most convenient. You will find links to the webinar archives in our Members Only section.

OEA Education Support Professionals

Education Support Professionals are vital partners in the success of our schools. They play an equally important part in the Association. Learn more about ESPs and the work they do.
Visit the NEA's ESP page to see videos of support professionals talking about how It's More Than a Job, It's a Career. Hit the link and scroll down the page to find the videos.

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OEA is a founding member of the Oklahoma Education Coalition, a group of education-related associations that work together to improve public education in Oklahoma. You can also find quick links to other education related agencies and organizations, such as the State Department of Education, the Commission for Teacher Preparation, the Oklahoma State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board.

Critical Issues

Value Added Measures

While VAM is a required measurement of your evaluation, plenty of research shows it to be, “junk science." Take a look inside at what value added measures are really all about. 

Protecting Education Pensions

A quick comparison of defined benefit and defined contribution, myth vs. fact, and more resources on your pension. Pensions page.

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Oklahoma Retired Educators Association

OREA provides a voice for retired education employees, secures and protects benefits and enhances the quality of life for its members. The organization has chapters all over the state where retired teachers can get involved and work collectively for a better lilfe after leaving the profession. Get active today.