Professional Development

The OEA Center for Teaching and Learning is available for the many professional development needs our members have across the state. Here are brief descriptions of our offerings, with a registration link below. 

Free, Online OSAT Targeted Support Session

OEA and it’s aspiring educators organization, OAEA, is providing free, online OSAT Targeted Support Sessions, which will prepare educators to take the required subject area tests for various teacher certifications.

In addition, members can get help from OEA/OAEA to pay for up to two OSAT tests. Find all the details at

Trauma Cadre Presentations

The OEA Trauma Cadre initiative was made possible by a grant from the NEA Great Public Schools Foundation awarded in 2021. The goal of the cadre is to provide free strategies-rich, trauma-informed presentations to Oklahoma educators.

While many Oklahoma educators have attended professional development on the theory of trauma exposure and how it impacts children, OEA’s cadre presentations focus on in-the moment and curricular strategies. Emerging scientific findings and theory are also discussed but are linked to practical strategies.

For more information or request a presentation for your school, visit:

Instructional and Curricular Strategies

Bullying Prevention – Stop bullying by investigating the psychological, social and educational impact of bullying behaviors, including cyber-bullying.

Classroom Management 101 – Techniques to pique student involvement and reduce classroom management problems.

Communication Styles: Making your Point with Panache – Examine your own preferred communication style and how it can impact your communications with others, then adapt your style to your audience for greater clarity and effectiveness!

Communicating Professionally and Effectively with Parents, Students, & Colleagues – How we engage with each of our audiences as educators can have significant benefits and repercussions! Learn about the ethical, professional, and practical considerations of both your spoken and written words as an educator.

Racial and Social Justice – How to achieve equity in classroom and school culture, curriculum, and student opportunities.

Recognizing Trauma in Our Students – Recognize the cognitive and emotional impacts of trauma on children and acquire strategies t0 help overcome them.

Teaching Resiliency – For Oklahoma students impacted by poverty and trauma, resilience is a key characteristic for success in school. Learn classroom practices to help build resiliency.

True Colors – A personality survey that provides insight into learning and leadership styles and helps you make the most of both student and adult group dynamics.

Other professional development trainings can be created per district needs and requests.

OEA Professional Development

Other Professional Development Sources

NEA 360 Ed Communities – 21 virtual communities of professional practice rich with content and discussion contributions. Join NEA’s edCommunities. Print a copy of the edCommunities brochure.

NEA Tools & Ideas – Lesson plans, teaching strategies, advice and support, and links to resources all on the NEA website.

Better Lesson & the Master Teacher Project – Over 16,000 lessons for core subject areas and blended learning!

The NEA Foundation – Grants, awards, and open-source online courses for educators.

Every Student Succeeds Act Begins – Information on ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) implementation and how to insert educator input into state and district decision-making processes. ESSA Overview, a 14-page summary compiled by NEA.

Contact a member of our Teaching and Learning Center to schedule professional development for you school today.

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