Fund for Children & Public Education

Voluntary Contributions Elect Friends of Education

Every decision made for education is made by a politician. Whether it is the governor, the State Legislature or the local school board, elected officials determine how our schools are run.

That’s why many Oklahoma Education Association members choose to make voluntary contributions to OEA’s nonpartisan Fund for Children and Public Education (OEA FCPE). They know that the political environment is a significant factor affecting their jobs every day.

Voluntary OEA FCPE contributions are designed to help elect friends of education to political office. Dues dollars are never used to support political candidates.

The Association uses an in-depth process to find candidates who will vote favorably on public education legislation, using members at every step. First-time candidates complete a questionnaire and incumbents’ voting records are examined. Every candidate who participates in the process also sits for an interview with a panel of members.

Recommended candidates typically receive financial support for their campaign expenses, but the contribution amount differs depending on the political race and the needs of the candidate.

By recommending the candidate, OEA is asking members to consider voting for the candidate. But the OEA FCPE knows that its recommendations are but one source for members to consider before entering the voting booth.

This flyer explains the process of how donations are collected and how pro-public education candidates are supported in their campaigns – How the FCPE Works.

Recommending Candidates

When OEA FCPE and the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education recommend candidates for public office — whether it be a local school board race or the election of the United States President — candidates are measured by their commitment to:

  • protecting children’s health and safety by supporting programs like school breakfast and lunch programs, Head Start, and safe schools.
  • preparing students for America’s jobs of the future through professional development, classroom technology and access to college or other postsecondary educational opportunities.
  • strengthening public education in Oklahoma and America through support for school funding and opposition to vouchers and privatization.
  • respecting the rights of school employees to be partners in school change, to be involved in decisions concerning education quality and to bargain collectively.