Trial membership now open

Join today, don't pay dues until September

From April 1 to August 31, first-time active members receive free membership by completing an early enrollment form. The new members receive access to a number of benefits for agreeing to become a dues-paying, active member in September.

Early enrollees receive the $1 million benefit of the NEA Educators Employment Liability Program. They also receive access to a wide range of discounts from NEA Members Benefits, including deals on shopping, travel, dining and entertainment, tools to help with student loans and loan forgiveness and a wide range of insurance products for members only.

OEA-specific benefits include access to the OEA Personal Legal Services Program. PLSP provides legal help for off-the-job issues for members, their spouses and dependents. Many of the services are covered free of charge, such as wills, stepchild adoptions, non-contested divorces and more.

More than 130 years of leadership

OEA has been the voice of education since it was formed in 1889. 

For more information on early enrollement, contact the Oklahoma Education Association at 800.522.8091.