Safe Schools

  • School Safety is a matter of mental health, bullying prevention and understanding how to recognize and handle violence or potential violence in your schools.
  • You have to know your schools policies above all. This OEA Advocacy handout details the “need to know” information for keeping schools safe.
    You want to make sure to monitor your students for cases of potential violence.
  • The National Alliance for Mental Illness has offered Warning Signs that a child may hurt themselves or others.
  • The National Association of School Psychologists have published “School Violence Prevention: Brief Facts and Tips” on it’s website along with other resources (some of which you must purchase to see).
  • Learn Facts About School Violence that include times violence is most likely to take place and how the grade levels in which students are most likely to become violent or be victims of violence.
  • has posted an article by the Honorable Anthony P. Calisi (ret.) entitled “Guide to Protecting Your Child From Bullying and Violence at School.”
  • There is a direct correlation between bullying and school violence, and cyber bullying is becoming an increasingly common problem in schools. Visit the Stop Bullying page here on the OEA website for more information on bullying and cyber bullying.