Do you have a plan to vote November 3?

Take a look at the OEA’s Oklahoma  Election Guide. It has information on every race in Oklahoma on the November 3 ballot.

How does a bill become law?

It’s not exactly Schoolhouse Rock, but this chart from the state House of Representatives is a great graphic to explain how an idea can work through the legislative process to become law.

Every decision for education is a political decision.

When it comes to education, being involved in politics is vital not only for the Oklahoma Education Association, but also for teachers and support professionals.

Every decision made for education is a political decision. The Oklahoma Legislature decides salary and benefits for education employees, how many days a teacher will be in the classroom, how many hours a teacher is to spend in the classroom and how much professional development is necessary to keep certification. Local school boards determine working conditions and budget line items, and hires a superintendent that manages the district.

Important Legislative Links